Powers hell set timezone for UK ( and others )

UK , where do I live! But sometimes I find users laptops , even servers out of my timezone Also there can be gpos blocking you to change the timezone! ( and the system just goes by the US time or European ! ). yes it does! other colleages of you could have set this … Continue reading Powers hell set timezone for UK ( and others )

Configure External Access for Teams between tenants

Advise: This will not work as expected if both companies are still using skype. Ideally what you want is to be full Teams mode To configure external access and users being able to talk between different 365 Tenants Log into Tenant 1 365 Admin console / Teams section / org Wide section / External Access … Continue reading Configure External Access for Teams between tenants

Teams sound & camera not working?

Hi Team Opening new section for Teams and Windows tips & today we will cover the most famous one Camera and sound not working. Obviously this can be because your mic is not connected or either speakers.But there is another classic and its Windows preventing it! Here we spot the problem on a test call … Continue reading Teams sound & camera not working?

Exchange AD Objects with an Incorrect Target Address Attribute

Within an Hybrid environment , you can notice that a new accepted domain is in the Exchange portal Mail.onmicrosoft.com This domain is going to be used by the on premises to route mail of the account that has been migrated A quick way to view an objects Active Directory targetAddress attribute is through the Active … Continue reading Exchange AD Objects with an Incorrect Target Address Attribute

Restore Windows 10 Store APP via Powershell

If you have lost you Windows10 Store , there is a quick fix that can bring it back. We will not require admin rights for this fix and is advisable to do it with user permissions as W10 apps mainly work via user context The first that we will do is search for our package … Continue reading Restore Windows 10 Store APP via Powershell

AD PowerShell Get all Security/ Distribution groups including email assigned

Script for quickly getting any security/distribution list group and if so, they have an email assigned ; #import-module activedirectory $user="Example" $array = Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $user | Get-ADGroup -Properties * | select name, description,mail,groupcategory echo "All DL groups and email groups for the user" foreach($i in $array.count){echo $array}

Powershell Remote desktop sessions

This is a quick made script in 1 line that performs a query to a given list of servers where remote desktop is enabled This is an alternative of using graphical mode on a broker I't can be upgraded next to identify session and log off the desired user ( future post ) The script … Continue reading Powershell Remote desktop sessions

Can’t share 365 Onedrive Documents

Scenario: This problem is known to happen with One-drive for Business ; Users could report they are unable to share and when trying to contact a list of 365 contacts inside onedrive or any 365 app the list comes blank You would encounter that users are not able to share or search people on the … Continue reading Can’t share 365 Onedrive Documents

Windows Update error code 0x80244007

When trying to update Windows 10 as holds a legacy registry for Windows Wsus server Setting has been tainted by external source ( as Intune or SCCM ) As long you are not using WSUS/ Intune/SCCM , this is a quick fix that will get your machine as it should and restore Windows Updates from … Continue reading Windows Update error code 0x80244007