Powershell Remote desktop sessions

This is a quick made script in 1 line that performs a query to a given list of servers where remote desktop is enabled This is an alternative of using graphical mode on a broker I't can be upgraded next to identify session and log off the desired user ( future post ) The script … Continue reading Powershell Remote desktop sessions


Teams sound & camera not working?

Hi Team Opening new section for Teams and Windows tips & today we will cover the most famous one Camera and sound not working. Obviously this can be because your mic is not connected or either speakers.But there is another classic and its Windows preventing it! Here we spot the problem on a test call … Continue reading Teams sound & camera not working?

Can’t share 365 Onedrive Documents

Scenario: This problem is known to happen with One-drive for Business ; Users could report they are unable to share and when trying to contact a list of 365 contacts inside onedrive or any 365 app the list comes blank You would encounter that users are not able to share or search people on the … Continue reading Can’t share 365 Onedrive Documents

Windows Update error code 0x80244007

When trying to update Windows 10 as holds a legacy registry for Windows Wsus server Setting has been tainted by external source ( as Intune or SCCM ) As long you are not using WSUS/ Intune/SCCM , this is a quick fix that will get your machine as it should and restore Windows Updates from … Continue reading Windows Update error code 0x80244007

The local users account has expired on Windows 10

You can get rid of this situation using the Net User command. The command is built to set an expiration date for a user account, or completely turn off user account expiration. it is important to separate account expired for password expiring, it is not the same! Also a tip , expired date account can't … Continue reading The local users account has expired on Windows 10