How to Remote Shell (PS) a Workgroup Nanoserver

Scenario: Nanoserver on hyper-v enviorment Nanosever not joined into the domain ( WORKGROUP )   First of all enable into your nanoserver al WINRM options 2. Review your nanoserver firewall rules regarding WRM 3. ENSURE THAT NANOSERVER HAS A LOCAL IP CONFIGURED EITHER A DHCP RESERVATION   4. Let the magic happen: Let the server trust ! … Continue reading How to Remote Shell (PS) a Workgroup Nanoserver

Installing Nanoserver VM

Today we are going to dive in Nanoserver deployments Some characteristics regarding the new nanosilver windows server edition : Nano Server is headless; it has no local user interface, no 32-bit application support, and only the most basic configuration controls. There is no support for Remote Desktop; to administer the system, you use Windows Remote Management (WinRM) remote … Continue reading Installing Nanoserver VM