Query sccm2012 check package if its referenced into a task secuence

Hi Sometimes we don’t know what we are referencing in our task secuences . For this proposal … we can use a sql query connecting to our site database to get all Task secuences where our desired package are referenced

I’ts a good method before deleting a package when we don’t have info about the software or is corrupted

Here is the query anyway ( this must be run in sql management studio ), you will only need the PACKAGE ID to check the query

select tsr.packageID, tsr.referencepackageid, tsr.referencename, tsp.packageid, tsp.name
from v_tasksequenceReferencesInfo tsr

join v_tasksequencePackage tsp On tsr.packageID = tsp.packageid

where tsr.ReferencePackageID = ‘BCN000A2’ — ID PACKAGE


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