MDT 2013 Adding package to the package list in the user driven installation

Prerequisites :

MDT integration on SCCM2012 R2

MDT Task sequence created

  1. The udi wizard
  2. Adding app to MDT list
  3. Updating MDT
  1. To make changes into our MDT , we need to modify the archive udiwizardconfig.xml with the program “Udi wizard” , its included into the MDT suite


Here we can change all of the process of the User driven deployment ( OUs , Languages , Apps , et)

  1. Adding package to the software list

First we need is to create the package , and check this option below , otherwise we wont be able to add the package into the Step list


Then  we select the page “Software and groups” and clicking “add software to group”


Click on I want to add package / program


Select the package ( will appear in blue if you ckecked the option that we mentioned in the program  properties )


Select “Use the same package / program for 64 bit if needed “


Cick on save to finish


Update the MDT package to make available the changes at task sequenceç




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