Hi , today I recollected some interesting wiki info , that maybe you will need someday to read

So… Starting , what’s the dns principal concepts

DNS means “Domain Name System “ and is used over the network in ISPS / at your home… at work , really is everywhere because is something basic on IT communications .

2 parts are essential in this process



There are too many forms to represent DNS , and there’s too much in the process to explain but we gonna explain with a simple image  of  a Dns server interacting with a dns client


As we can see , basically . We have 2 objects interacting in this process. The Server and the client , so wich means this ? A dns Server is responsable of translate the name on a network  “” into the following address “”

and WHY we need to translate to ip addresses al this names , why we don’t user the ip addresses to access our services directly ¿



The DNS query

 There are many ways to resolve a dns query ( the client request to server to resolve something like

The dns server can use his own cache of resource records to answer a query , or contact another dns server ( forwarding the request ) and answer to the client , and then send back to the client.This behaviour is populate know as “DNS recursion”

DNS process

The dns process steps are 2 very simple

  • A computer  requires a name resolution , first searches in the computer if there is a resolved name for the request ( Resolve locally)
  • If fails, then will try to do it requesting this info to a DNS server

In part 2 we gonna deep into “ways resolving a dns name”


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