Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) Firewall exception



This service allows for central registration of an iSCSI environment. Discovering available targets on the network.

However, a couple of commands are needed on the iSCSI initiators prior to starting using IsNs

If the Isns DHCP is not configured. Clients must be registered manually with the Iscsicli command.


Assuming we have done a proper ICSI installation on the target server & the IsnS feature

and added the target server to the initiator.

We will perform the following command on the ICSI initiator, however, it will fail as per the firewall config.

to enable iSNS traffic through the firewall.

iscsicli FirewallExemptiSNSServer


2018-03-14 10_39_31-SDCSi2 on CORE16 - Virtual Machine Connection.png

Once complete we can go ahead and run

iscsicli  addisnsserver “target sever

Once done on the target server we will be able to see the following:


2018-03-14 10_45_06-Scsi3 on CORE16 - Virtual Machine Connection.png


2018-03-14 10_52_33-Scsi3 on CORE16 - Virtual Machine Connection



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