How to restart Veeam backup & replication services

Dear followers;

As I have been away I will dedicate 2 new sections: Office365 & Veeam backup.

As you know sometimes  Veeam backup  can be quite tricky

In cases that you get jobs stuck or either you can’t open the console, you always can rely on restarting eventually the services and avoid an unnecessary restart

You can either make a script or use line by line the following commands

(Powershell is required )

Get-process | where {($_.Name -like “Veeam*”)} | stop-process -Force
Get-Service | where {($_.Name -like “Veeam*”)-and ($_.Status -eq “Running”)} | Stop-service -Force
Get-Service | where {($_.Name -like “Veeam*”)-and ($_.Status -eq “Stopped”)} | Start-service



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