Stop using SMB1 PowerShell command


For security reasons SMB1 should not be longer used; although this is being ignored by several companies and users.

Top 5 reasons:


-Smb1 is not safe ( easily hackable)

-Smb1 is not modern or efficient (read, write, cache )

-Smb1 is no longer required unless you do use Windows XP / 2003 ( really bad if you are )

-Smb1 removal is not hard to do

-Smb1 is not installed on Windows10 falls creators and Windows Server 1709 and later


Wrapping it all up;

To disable smb1 from your server just use PowerShell and write the following command:

Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB1Protocol $false

2018-10-26 21_13_39-Practice Labs.png


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