Veeam: Unable to perform application-aware processing because the connection to the guest could not be established

When getting this error; there are several solutions

In my case the destination server had the remote registry service crashed;


following the Veeam forums:

  • Make sure the Windows time on the Veeam Backup server is the same as in the guest OS.
  • Make sure you do not have a firewall in the way (you can try disabling it for testing).
  • Make sure you can connect to the admin share (for example, \\Server Name\admin$) with the same credentials as provided to Veeam Backup &
  • Replication for VSS.
  • Make sure the VSS writers are set to automatic in the guest OS.
  • Make sure you provide Local Administrator (MACHINE\Administrator) or Domain
  • Administrator (DOMAIN\Administrator) account privileges.
  • Make sure the guest OS is in the same network as the Veeam Backup server.
  • Make sure File and Printer Sharing is enabled in the guest OS.
    ​Once File and Printer Sharing is Enabled on the guest OS, ensure to provide permissions through Windows Firewall if applicable
  • If the guest OS is Vista/2008 or later:
    In the Network and Sharing Center, verify that it is not set for a public domain.
    Verify that the Remote Registry Service is started.


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