Veritas: Additional privileges may be required to access resources on the windows computer

Description of the problem:

Ensure that your login credentials are correctly entered and that they meet the following minimum requirements to log on to a Windows computer:

– The credentials used are a member of the Backup Operators group.

– For Windows Vista/2008 and later, the credentials have the Log on as a batch job privilege.



1.Ensure Deny log on as a batch job setting is on “Not defined” via GPEDIT o GPMC

2019-03-12 13_42_44-2019-03-12 11_12_10-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - CWUSERVER1.png - Greenshot image .png

2.Ensure you have permissions to log on as Service and Batch job ( account for Veritas backups)

2019-03-12 13_39_34-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - CWUSERVER1.png

3. Run GPUPDATE on the Affected Target Backup Computer/Server

Check further info:


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