Veritas Data error (cyclic redundancy check).



Check the following  tape-Drive  details & clean your tape / Replace tapes with reading/Write errors

Ensure the last cleaning date was recent;

2019-03-18 09_47_53-Window.png

Check auto-clean is activated in your autoloaders or drives;

2019-03-18 10_21_24-HP 1_8 G2 Tape Autoloader Webpages



The job failed with the following error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).


  1. Contaminated read/write heads of the tape device:
  2. Bad media as there may be hard read/write errors :
  3. Tape driver:
  4. SCSI controller-wide negotiation:
  5. SCSI controller transfer rate is too fast:
  6. SCSI controller synchronous negotiation enabled:
  7. Incorrect termination or bad cables:
  8. Confirm that the tape drive is functioning properly:
  9. General SCSI problems
  10. Tape Drive / Tape Library Firmware issue.



Soft write errors are the number of recoverable non-critical write errors that are encountered, meaning that a write operation on a block first failed and the subsequent retry was successful. If soft write errors are seen, it may indicate the beginning of a problem. When more of these soft write errors are seen, then you should consider checking the media for damage and cleaning the device, which will usually improve the situation. If the errors start to become excessive, the device may require servicing or replacing. As soft write errors usually indicate driver problems, check out the SCSI controller and device drivers, as approximately 95% of hardware errors and I/O errors are caused by outdated drivers.


Hard write errors are unrecoverable critical write errors that the tape device encounters, meaning that a write operation on a block failed and the subsequent retries also failed. This is generally a sign of problems with the tape device itself or possible problems with the SCSI configuration settings.


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