Powers hell set timezone for UK ( and others )

UK , where do I live!

But sometimes I find users laptops , even servers out of my timezone

Also there can be gpos blocking you to change the timezone! ( and the system just goes by the US time or European ! ). yes it does! other colleages of you could have set this wrong 😦

This will be highlisted

In resume . A quick fix until you find the heck GPO causing this …

Greyed.. out gents…

How to Tweak the Time and Date Settings on Windows 10 | Windows ...

You now go to powershell … Admin mode ! and run this (UK ONLY)

Set-TimeZone "GMT Standard Time"

All the other timezone (NON UK, GMT) can be shown with the following other command:

Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable

I have updated a nice script that changes all for you ( 23 / 03 /2021 )

#Change date format 

$culture = (Get-Culture).Clone()
$culture.DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern = ‘dd/MM/yyyy’
Set-Culture $culture

#Change timezone and region 

#Set home location to United Kingdom
Set-WinHomeLocation 0xf2

#override language list with just English GB
$1 = New-WinUserLanguageList en-GB
$1[0].Handwriting = 1
Set-WinUserLanguageList $1 -force

#Set system local
Set-WinSystemLocale en-GB

#Set the timezone
Set-TimeZone “GMT Standard Time”

#Restart the OS


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