The last operation performed on this VM failed . The VM still running Azure VM backup failed

  • The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state ‘Failed’.
  • This can be cause either for an error on the hyper visor or either a component that has been deployed and failed.
  • If this is not your case please check logs before following any steps of this guide

As mentioned earlier this resolution may not work for you , for extra resources visit :

Alternative you can raise always ticket with support if the VM is not a critical operations or the business impact is minimal .

You will find this error when the VM is in failed stated. As per norm you may still have access to the VM but you wont be able to Restart the vm or maybe stop ( in my case stop was possible ).

You will also find that Backups or other changes will not work during the state

First Step of Resolution

Create a backup. ( Snapshot of the DISK vm ) prior doing any changes . You can use this to redeploy a new VM or the existing disk, you can find this in the disk options blade. The snap will be created in the resource group were the VM is created. So you can use it later

We are going to give you 3 options to resolve. The first one is the more secure and the safest .

Automated mode ( recommended )

Reapply model ( stop the vm if possible )

You can do this hitting the automatic fix of MS or either changing the size of the VM ( model to another one or change it back . This will resolve the situation ( ideally)

Manual mode 1 :Redeploy VM ( Do not choose this mode unless there is no other option)

Using powershell:

Set-AzVM -Redeploy -ResourceGroupName “myResourceGroup” -Name “myVM”

Using the azure portal( hit redpeloy)

Manual Mode 2 ( Do not choose this mode unless there is no other option)

Delete and recreate the vm using the existing disk or Snap.

Beware this process will have an extra step to reconfigure backups and public, internal network interfaces and other settings that you have configured

I recommend to save the VM settings just in case in an ARM template if possible .


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