Azure Vault backup Error: The storage type is not supported by Azure backup.

Today we are going to treat a common error when backing up Azure Virtual Machines

If you use ZRS storage:

This error is commonly associated when you try to backup an unsupported storage as for exammple zone redundant storage.

In this case this backup failed because ZRS ( zone redundant managed disk storage is not compatible with backup vault as per this github information)

What is ZRS DISK? ->

Error Code: UserErrorUnsupportedStorageType
Error Message: The storage type is not supported by Azure backup.
Recommended Action: Please contact Microsoft support for assistance.

In order to resolve please check the support matrix.

Ensure you are backing up a supported Disk Storage in your Azure Zone.

Change the disk type or either migrate to an azure zone that supports it following the last information found it is on preview in certain Azure Zones

Vault support

Azure Backup uses Recovery Services vaults to orchestrate and manage backups for the following workload types – Azure VMs, SQL in Azure VMs, SAP HANA in Azure VMs, Azure File shares and on-premises workloads using Azure Backup Agent, Azure Backup Server and System Center DPM. It also uses Recovery Services vaults to store backed-up data for these workloads.

The following table describes the features of Recovery Services vaults:

Vaults in subscriptionUp to 500 Recovery Services vaults in a single subscription.
Machines in a vaultUp to 2000 datasources across all workloads (like Azure VMs, SQL Server VM, MABS Servers, and so on) can be protected in a single vault.

Up to 1,000 Azure VMs in a single vault.

Up to 50 MABS servers can be registered in a single vault.
Data sourcesMaximum size of an individual data source is 54,400 GB. This limit doesn’t apply to Azure VM backups. No limits apply to the total amount of data you can back up to the vault.
Backups to vaultAzure VMs: Once a day.

Machines protected by DPM/MABS: Twice a day.

Machines backed up directly by using the MARS agent: Three times a day.
Backups between vaultsBackup is within a region.

You need a vault in every Azure region that contains VMs you want to back up. You can’t back up to a different region.
Move vaultsYou can move vaults across subscriptions or between resource groups in the same subscription. However, moving vaults across regions isn’t supported.
Move data between vaultsMoving backed-up data between vaults isn’t supported.
Modify vault storage typeYou can modify the storage replication type (either geo-redundant storage or locally redundant storage) for a vault before backups are stored. After backups begin in the vault, the replication type can’t be modified.
Zone-redundant storage (ZRS)Supported in preview in UK South, South East Asia, Australia East, North Europe, Central US, East US 2, Brazil South and Japan East.
Private EndpointsSee this section for requirements to create private endpoints for a recovery service vault.


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