Onboarding Deploy Defender for endpoint via intune –

As part of security measures , enviorments should be monitored and gaining visibility of threats . For this you can integrate defender for endpoint so all your machines report any threats in form of alerts or automated responses.

Make sure you get covered all the licensing requeriments

Go in the endpoint Security blade in intune and click the option Create a device configuration profile to configure Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Sensor

Configure the policy as default or alternatively you can setup options

Choose sample sharing and telemetry settings if required.

Assign the policy for the machines that will be onboarding

Integrate with 365 Security console

In the Microsoft 365 Defender blade , enable the intune connection , using settings -> Endpoints

On the Advanced Features blade . Ensure You have selected Microsoft Intune Connection

Once all is set you should start seeing devices onboarded in the Device Inventory blade


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