DeletingCloudOnlyObjectNotAllowed – How To Resolve Dirsync

  • The error is caused as a result of converting accounts from AD to Cloud using the restore technique once moved from the OU where you are syncing your users
  • You will find export errors and the “DeletingCloudonlyObjectnotallowed” problem

In order to resolve you will have to remove the attribute of immutable ID using the SET MSOL CMDLET

The Active Directory “objectGUID” is used as your ImmutableID. After your initial sync, objects in the cloud will have the base-64 version of the objectGUID stamped as the ImmutableID ( )

#Run the cmdlet: "Connect-MsolService" and enter your global admin credentials
Set-MsolUser -ObjectId '<user's object ID>' -ImmutableId "$null"'
#Trigger a delta sync by running the cmdlet ( From your Dirsync server) 
Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

Example of the errors

  • Example of running the command and the sync

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