Enabling Hyper-v Replica on Windows Server 2016

Scenario: Implement high availability and disaster recovery options in hyper-v Hyper-v Replica is a feature which allows the administrator to create replicas of the virtual machines locally o remotely. The process is asynchronous, and the failover process is not automatic. Hyper-v replica is based on checkpoints meaning only the changes performed on the primary server are checkpointed and … Continue reading Enabling Hyper-v Replica on Windows Server 2016


Windows Server 2016 Hyper-v Checkpoints

Differences between Hyper-v checkpoints   Production Checkpoints   Point in time images, using backup technology inside the guest ( Volume shadow copy  / File System Freeze ). Reliable for production environments. It doesn't save the memory state This now default config  on all Windows Server 2016 VM's on Hyper-v  Standard Checkpoint  Saves the memory state of … Continue reading Windows Server 2016 Hyper-v Checkpoints

Activating enhaced mode on your VMS

In Windows 2016 server enhanced mode is disabled by default. Also, there are some previous requirements to be accomplished in order to enable it on your VMs. This will allow you to utilize resources on the computer where VMConnect is running. For example, with enhanced session mode enabled, a VM can send print jobs to … Continue reading Activating enhaced mode on your VMS

Migrate to Hyper-v a Phisical machine

Hi ,today we gonna learn how to import a real machine to hyper-v console Requeriments: Hyper-v Role installed Physical machine Disk2vhd from sysinternals , you can download here  The disk2vhd is a sysinternals suite software . This software allows to convert your disk units into a VHD format or VHDX on a system that is … Continue reading Migrate to Hyper-v a Phisical machine