How To Install Windows 8 Into a USB ( Bootable OS – Portable )

Hi guys how are u ? 🙂

You need a OS portable ( win 8? ) . So You are lucky today!

Today we gonna make a portable Windows 8 ( works for all versions ) , this one will be bootable via USB ( even 3.0 if the motherboard allows it ) .


What we gonna need?


Windows installation disc or ISO image ()

USB drive ( At least 32 GB ) 

WinToUSB ( Software needed to create the USB )


1.  Install Win to USB ( administrator permissions needed )




2. Select The Source ( CD installation or ISO ) and The destination  (USB).  Make sure that the usb is clean  and erased  ()  & Select the partitions on it ( default )

test3 test4


3. Wait a loot  while Wintousb applies the image 😛

4. Done ( Once finished you can insert USB into you port and boot it from the bios , now you have windows  portable into a USB ! )






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