Fix boot manager UEFI capturing image sccm2012



Today I’m very busy with my projects so… Sorry for no posting on this month

Today we gonna learn how to repair a UEFI boot on this following scenario:

When capturing an image reference with disk to sccm2012 R2 and the progress fails in step 2

This is the normal capturing screen of capturing image


But sometimes ( In case of For example Elitepad 1000 Hp tablet ) or other Uefis , the Disk writes on bootloader information to boot this Windows pe special enviorment , if you get an error will get to a loop where the only thing you can do is to boot win pe enviroment (not funny )

In this  cases , we must repair or fix the Uefi Boot Manager

using the following command on WinPe

bcdboot C:\Windows

Once you’ve repaired the boot manager you will be able to boot again on the operating system 🙂


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