Force a software to always run as admin without exposing admin password

Today I’m going to share a nice workaround which allows you to run on a regular user session any kind of software with admin rights, bypassing UAC & the password.


Software required for this test:


Runasspc & Runasspcadmin


Also, I have uploaded a copy on my one drive in case that you experience any problems downloading runasspc!AuRPwtuSoXmcgZJ_SHT_fk7B8jFoBg

Step by step

1.Download the software and extract on c:\Runasspc

Two Files can be found in the folder:

  • Runasspc: Runs the software as admin.
  • Runasspcadmin: Generates the encrypted file with the password.


2. Execute Runasspcadmin to encrypt the certificate

  • fill up path of the desired application ( treesize in this case )
  • fill up the local  admin credentials ( local admin user & password )
  • Create a folder in c:\ named criptfile
  • Point out current encryptfile c:\criptfile\treesize.spc
  • Click on save cryptfile ( to generate the cert) – very important
  • Click on test button  if you want to test.


Certificate generated:


3. Modify the access link of the desktop of the app pointing to runasspc & pointing to the generated certificate

in this case:

C:\RunAsSpc\32Bit\runasspc.exe /cryptfile:”c:\Criptfile\treesize.spc”


Software running on admin rights



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